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The legendary English carmaker has been going through a modern day revival of late with their range currently consisting of four cars, the MG3, ZS, ZS EV and the GS but now there’s a fifth one.Say hello to the MG Extender. 

It’s called the ‘Extender’ and yes it is an MG, well at least that’s what it says on the box. The ‘Extender’ will be butting heads with the Nissan Navara, Holden Colorado, Ford Ranger, Isuzu D-Max, LDV T60 and so on, it’s an already crowded segment as you can see.

First things first, the ‘Extender’ looks familiar, right? Too familiar in fact because it’s a rebadged LDV T60, this is because MG and LDV are both owned by the same Chinese company which is SAIC Motor. For now, the Extender has been confirmed for the Thai market but don’t get your hopes us as MG have said that they have no plans of bringing the Extender to New Zealand. The Extender comes with a 2L turbo diesel engine producing 120kW which is more powerful than the diesel in the LDV T60 and there could be a twin turbo 2L 160kW engine added to the Extender range.

The LDV T60 comes with a very impressive range of standard equipment for the relatively small price that it commands. The equipment includes heated seats, a reversing camera, lane departure warning, a 10 inch infotainment screen and LED lights.One would expect the MG to be packed with the same.


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Words by Matthew D’souza and header picture sourced from MG Press.

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