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Power to the people – MG4 XPOWER review

MG4 XPOWER review NZ

With his Che Guevara posters and black beret, Wolfie Smith (from late 70s British Sitcom ‘Citizen Smith’), was a revolutionary that wanted ‘power to the people’. Sure some of his exploits were slightly awry, but he was a champion of the people and always brought a smile to my face – just like MG4 XPOWER! […]

MG4 EV first drive – in Sydney

MG4 review NZ

Heralded as a ‘game changer’ the all-new and all-electric MG4 has just touched down in New Zealand, however, just prior to its release we hopped (pun intended) over the ditch to the home of the NRL South Sydney Rabbitohs to find out all about it. The MG4 is an EV Hatch that’s not only sleek […]

Electric Essence – 2022 MG HS PHEV Review

The MG HS has now joined the plug-in electric fraternity. The mid-sized HS has already proved immensely popular with consumers, now the addition of a plug-in variant is shaping up to becoming another very strong seller in New Zealand. Therefore, thanks to MG Motor New Zealand through CMG Motors in Christchurch, I decided to see […]

Core Value: 2022 MG3 Core Review

Whatever you may think of MG’s new car range under Chinese ownership, you can’t look past the fact that every single model offers some degree of value for money. However, with the smallest new MG, the MG3, value is top of the list. The entry level MG3 Core is now New Zealand’s most affordable new […]

A New Start- MG ZS EV


It’s the time of new beginnings for everyone and certainly for MG as they release their first EV.

MG ZS EV: Is this NZ’s Best Bang For Your Buck EV?

The biggest gripe with EVs, particularly when it comes to New Zealand buyers, is that more often than not, all electric vehicles tend to be on the somewhat pricier side. So, if the idea of a second-hand Nissan Leaf doesn’t do it for you, then you will be happy to know there is still a […]