The Perfect Landing

The Landing NZ

Located to the East of Te Puna inlet, in the glorious Bay of Islands New Zealand is a 1000-acre property that boasts white-sand beaches and hidden coves, rich marine and birdlife and lush native bush. It’s a retreat like no other and it’s called the Landing. We were there as guests of Audi New Zealand, […]

Don’t fly – be driven

Budget Airline Car

PRESS RELEASE Budget Airline Car – A new type of car design that could kill the short haul flight Today’s leading cars are electric, full of connected services, feature autonomous-drive capabilities, and are accessible through smart devices too — but in design they are not so different to cars from 20, even 50, years ago.  […]

NZ’s Covid response is getting right up my nose!


As an update on my, let’s say grueling experience of traveling to the UK for family issues, I have in fact managed to get back to NZ and am now experiencing all the fun that’s involved with MIQ. Now I want to preface this piece by saying that I understand the ‘privileged’ position I happen […]

Midday in Paris

Cafe Bisou, Waiheke Island

Sit back and let this little French Cafe transport you straight to Paris!

A Guide to Weathering Storms

Rain lashes a road. Credit- Pexels

Driving through a ‘once in a lifetime’ storm has given me some insight which I am sharing to help you stay safe on the roads this winter.