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Against the wintery backdrop of Iceland, Nissan took the covers off their Pole to Pole expedition Nissan Ariya EV. The ambitious project was first announced last year and now, the car in question is ready! The modified Ariya will take on a 27,000km journey from the magnetic North Pole to the South Pole.

Zoomed out front three quarters view of the Pole to Pole Nissan Ariya EV with an icy backdrop of Iceland.
The powertrain and battery remain untouched even on this adventurous version of Ariya!

Set to begin in March, the Ariya will need to cope with extreme temperatures and tough terrains, remember that includes both ice as well as desert! For this, Nissan collaborated with Arctic Trucks who specialise in polar expedition vehicles to develop an Ariya to withstand all of the above.

Expedition leader, Chris Ramsey was proud to say that no major modifications were made to the car apart from slight tweaking of the suspension and the addition of 39-inch BF-Goodrich tyres. The electric powertrain and battery remains unchanged as well as Nissan’s e-4ORCE four wheel drive system!

Chris and Julie Ramsey in front of the Pole to Pole Nissan Ariya EV
Chris and Julie Ramsey will take turns piloting the extreme EV

To give Chris and his wife Julie a comfortable trip, an espresso machine has been integrated onboard with a supply of sustainable coffee! While that will keep the drivers recharged during this trip, a photographic drone which can launch directly from the roof of the car is on on hand for sightseeing! For the more remote parts of the journey, a towable renewable energy prototype will be on hand, it will include a lightweight wind turbine and solar panels to help recharge the EV’s battery.

Three Nissan Ariya EVs in convoy in Iceland, including the Pole to Pole Nissan Ariya EV
A towable renewable energy bank will also add to the convoy!

The journey will be a world first for an electric car.

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Words by Matthew D’Souza, pictures courtesy of Nissan Newsroom Global.

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