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Vital Vit Hit – Mini Cooper S Convertible review

Mini Cooper S Convertible review NZ

It’s safe to say that given any glimpse of the orange thing in the sky, us Brits will look to bask in its smile-inducing warmth. However, it’s not just an excuse to turn our pasty white skin red, the sun provides access to Vitamin D, a vit that reduces getting illnesses or infections more often, […]

My last drive in the Mini Clubman?

Mini Clubman review NZ

Hailing from England means that there are certain car brands that I have an immediate affinity with, and Mini would have to be up there with one of the ones I have the most with. My Mini story is filled with the joys of youth, freedom and endless sunny summers – sigh. But enough about […]

Shocking – A rainy day with a Mini Cooper SE

With a new generation just around the corner, the F56 Mini Cooper is not exactly new to the market. It is, however, a funky little hatchback that is known for putting a smile on the face of those that get to spend time with it. So this past weekend I jumped at the opportunity of […]

Oliver Heilmer on Mini and the new concept Aceman

Oliver Heilmer Mini Head designer

Oliver Heilmer has been Head of MINI Design since 2017 and has over two decades of experience within the greater BMW group. However, we caught up with him recently at the unveiling of the new Mini concept Aceman where he freely shared his considerations of Mini’s ‘disruptive’ past, his vision of the future and the […]

Better by design – Mini Editions review

Admittedly, hooning down the autobahn in Germany at nigh-on 250km/h wasn’t exactly how I imagined I’d be reviewing Mini’s new trio of uniquely designed ‘go-karts’, but I guess needs must and some days are better than others. Let’s get one thing straight right off the bat, for these design ‘Editions’ (Untamed, Resolute and Untold) Mini […]

In Da Club – 2022 Mini Clubman JCW Review

You can’t think of Mini without thinking of John Cooper. His aptitude turned the Mini from an automotive shopping basket to a rally and track racing legend almost overnight. Probably even more famous than Cooper’s back-to-back F1 World Championships with Jack Brabham, the Mini and the Cooper brand are inseparable.   This brings us jointly […]

Electric go-karting – Mini Electric Hatch review

Mini electric review NZ

Most of you would already be aware that when it comes to EVs, the battery weight is down low and therefore so is the centre of gravity, AND traction is immediate so most EVs are quicker than their fossil-fueled counterparts – so what happens when you turn an already go-kart handling mini into an EV […]

Untamed, Resolute and Untold

PRESS RELEASE New MINI Edition models set to ramp up the style factor MINI is raising driving fun, expressive design, premium quality and individual style to a new level with its new Edition models, which are set to arrive in New Zealand later this year. The MINI 3 and 5 door Hatch – including the […]