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MG’s ZS EV Just Became Even Better!

In a world where it seem that electric cars are only getting more and more unaffordable, the MG ZS EV holds that coveted title of being NZ’s most affordable EV. Well, it’s grip on the title became even stronger recently!

MG ZS EV in Clipper Blue
You’ll be seeing a lot more of this badge on the roads.

Previously, the ZS EV was priced at $48,990 but following the government’s Clean Car Discount, that price is down to an incredible $40,365! The move has no doubt pleased MG as it aligns with their vision of ‘Electric for Everyone’.

But don’t think that because the ZS EV is affordable means there has been comprise. The car has received praise for its WLTP range of 263km, 5-star safety rating, 5-year warranty as well as an 8-year 160,000km battery warranty!

MG ZS EV charging
MG is plugged in to benefit further from the Clean Car Discount

The government’s announcement couldn’t have come at a better time for MG as they are set to launch their HS PHEV. The HS plug in hybrid makes use of an electric mode for city driving plus a petrol turbo engine for the motorways. Prices start at $52,990 for the new PHEV which means $47,240 after the Clean Car Discount. Further reinforcing MG’s great value ethos.

Want to know how good the ZS EV really is? Tarmac Life reviewed it a while back, you can watch the full video here.

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