Back in Black – 2022 Mazda CX-30 MHEV Blackout Edition Review

The Mazda CX-30 has only been with us for two years, but already this midway step between the CX3 and CX5 has emerged as one of the most popular cars in Mazda’s range. There is a good reason for this too, it happens to be a very good package on many levels. Now Mazda have […]

Electric Lite: Mazda MX-30 Mild Hybrid Review

Everyone seemed to ask the same thing, “Isn’t this electric?’ My response was “yes, but not this one.” Mazda’s MX-30 has been getting much praise as the Hiroshima based company’s newest foray into BEV mass production. However, the version you see here is the entry level MX-30 Mild Hybrid. So, what exactly is this version […]

To BEV, Or Not to BEV?: Mazda MX-30 BEV Review

The battery electric vehicle (BEV) segment is growing all the time. So much so that any mainstream manufacturer cannot afford to be left behind. Mazda have been a long time coming at jumping into the current electric fray with the MX-30 All Electric. While this is not the first Mazda to be fully electric, it […]

Pukka Trucka – 2021 Mazda BT-50 review

2021 Mazda BT-50 review NZ

In British terminology, to be ‘Pukka’ is to be great, top draw, excellent even, however, as we found out, in the truck or specifically the Ute market, it just means it’s a Mazda. The long awaited 3rd generation BT-50 has arrived and Mazda NZ let us try it out. The BT-50 first hit the market […]

Mazda’s Milestone Moment – Skyactiv-X

Mazda Skyactiv-X NZ

To be fair, Japanese carmaker Mazda has had many milestone moments over their 100-year history (a centenary being one of them) but their latest engine revelation is being deemed an event tantamount to ‘finding Narnia’. We headed to Mazda New Zealand to find out more about Skyactiv-X and SPCCI. From surviving and rebuilding after the […]

Soul-ful – Mazda CX-3 Review

Mazda CX-3 Review New Zealand

Mazda CX-3 Review New Zealand When launched onto the market in 2015, Mazda’s sub-compact SUV the CX-3, came loaded with flair, athleticism and electronic wizardry. But it would appear that with its latest refresh, they have further upped the ante with smoother styling, increased performance and a whole host of cutting-edge technology. So, the big […]