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Rocking ‘rolla – Toyota GR Corolla review

Toyota GR Corolla review NZ

The Toyota Corolla has been a crowd pleaser for the masses ever since it first rolled off the production line in 1966. To me it’s a non-threatening nameplate that’s in many ways ‘satisfyingly vanilla’ in its performance and appearance (this is a good thing) and as such an easy choice when looking for a rental […]

This ain’t no shopping cart – GR Yaris Review

GR Yaris Review NZ

The Yaris is a much loved, city-dwelling compact car that’s very much at home in a shopping mall or inner suburban backdrop, well it is until Toyota’s President (and Petrolhead) Akio Toyoda got his hands on it and with the help of Tommi Mäkinen and the GR (Gazoo Racing) team turned it into a fire-breathing […]

5 Things I learnt from doing Targa Tour NZ

Toyota GR Supra at Targa NZ

Targa New Zealand is the planet’s Ultimate Road Race and (thanks to Toyota NZ) I had the opportunity to take part in this year’s 25th anniversary. According to the Targa press, ‘you will either be touring or racing for the entire day, with just a few brief moments to catch your breath before the start […]