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The Jimny is the Most Fun you can Have on 4 Wheels

When this new Suzuki Jimny was first shown to the world, everyone seemed to go absolutely nuts over it. Though I never understood the fascination, to me it looked stupid and seemed rather cheap all around but seeing it in person made me realize, I was wrong.

Now I know what you’re thinking, surely there are other things on four wheels that can make you smile. Yes, drifting a four wheeled shopping trolley around a supermarket is fun and that makes me smile and so is driving a Ferrari around a track, that’s fun too and it makes me smile a heck of a lot but keep in mind the price of that Ferrari. Now think about the boxy Jimny, it retails for something like $30,000 NZD which is an absolute steal in the grand scheme of things.

It’s every kids’ dream car

Ask most kids to draw a car and they’ll draw you a square with four wheels on it, ask them to draw some lights and windows and they’ll draw you squares within squares. It’s ‘squareception’ but that’s what their image of a car is and here it is, the Suzuki Jimny. It’s a massive cube made of many smaller squares and cubes. The exterior is one big cube, the windows are squarish and the lights are also somewhat squarish. It is every child’s dream car.

Rugged on the inside

To say the interior is rugged is an understatement because everything is covered in hard plastic, try and scratch it too much and you could end up filing your nails. You get Suzuki’s slow but functional infotainment screen, there’s climate control and a few switches here and there. Be warned, the doors are about 5cm thick and make sure you know your passengers well because you’ll be closer to them than you’ve ever been. Alright, I’m a massive watch nerd and so for my fellow watch enthusiasts out there, the gauges looks exactly like the dials of a Bell & Ross, works well though. While I can laugh at how everything is made of rough plastics, the idea is that when you take this off-roading (because you will), you won’t feel guilty about getting mud on the dash or on the doors. I went off-roading in some Range Rovers last week and believe me, I felt really guilty about getting the posh leather dashboards all dirty but then I remembered, it wasn’t my car so all was well and good.

It’s cute but don’t be fooled, it’s a proper off-roader

Every time you climb into the Jimny, you are bound to bash your knee on the rock hard plastic dash and it has the worst turning circle in the world but just look at that cute face, you just cannot get mad at this car. It may be cute and all that but don’t be fooled, it can actually go off-road. It’s smartly designed so the approach angles are excellent, it’s got a proper low range gearbox like the SUVs of old and it’s 1.5L though weak when accelerating will give you enough power to clamber through mucky swamps like the one above. It’s simply excellent.

The Verdict

The Jimny is bloody rubbish. It’s not pretty, it isn’t well built, it isn’t comfortable and it is not luxurious or spacious but who cares! It’s excellent and it will put a bigger smile on your face than most things you’ve driven so far. Therefore, it is the most fun you can have on four wheels. Few things make me smile and laugh more than this little Jimny, well done Suzuki.

It looks like a car that a kid would draw and it makes you smile like one.

The 2019 Suzuki Jimny gets 5 stars

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Words and pictures by Matthew D’souza

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