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Opening more doors – 5-door Suzuki Jimny first drive

Suzuki Jimny 5 door first drive NZ

With its compact size, ladder frame and go anywhere attitude, the Suzuki Jimny has been a symbol of freedom since the 1970’s. However, being restricted to 3 doors, and having a boot space that would scare swinging cats (actually a cat would barely fit in), has somewhat limited the model’s audience – that is until […]

More and Less – Suzuki S-Cross Hybrid JLX AWD review

Suzuki S-cross hybrid review NZ

As you clever people are undoubtedly fully aware, the Suzuki S-Cross is positioned as the brand’s largest passenger car model, with room for all the family and (particularly the AWD model) an adventurous spirit. Well the latest release not only fulfils these core responsibilities, but now it lays claim to offering enhanced specification (more) and […]

More Vibrant Vitara is Vital – Suzuki Vitara Hybrid JLX AWD review

Suzuki Vitara Hybrid review NZ

To me, the Suzuki Vitara has always been a fun in the sun kind of SUV. When I was much younger, it was a go to rental in the Spanish islands and offered a joyous mix of effervescence and freedom. Well now, not only has the latest version been modernised inside and out, but it’s […]

Suzuk-e Swift – 2020 Suzuki Swift Hybrid review

Suzuki Hybrid review NZ

What more can be said about the Suzuki Swift other than popular. The supermini is essentially everywhere you look and has been since it first rolled off the production line in 1983. It’s gone through four generations and numerous facelifts, been front and all wheel drive, modernised and awarded 5-stars for safety, been naturally aspirated […]