Runaround Suz: Suzuki Ignis LTD Review

It’s easy to pick out a Suzuki Ignis on the road when you see one. There are few city cars for sale in New Zealand that look as funky and quintessentially Japanese. As we don’t get small Japanese Kei Cars new in New Zealand, the Ignis is probably the only mainstream car which has all […]

Suzuki Swift Sport Review – The Suzuki SuperMini is now even Superer.

Suzuki Swift Sport Review New Zealand As anyone that’s played ‘Spot the Swift’ game on a road trip will attest, the Suzuki supermini is a very popular sight on New Zealand tarmac, with double-digit numbers coming in at an astonishing rate. Spotting the Sport model for extra points does take a keener eye though, especially […]

Suzuki S-Cross Review – S-Blended

Although some people manage it naturally, as do certain animal or reptilian species (think Chameleon), blending in (be it in Art, business or social circumstances, or even way back at school) mostly takes skill and often a fair amount of forethought. Design, colour schemes, dress, approach and of course; a big dollop of attitude are […]