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Skoda Kodiaq SportLine review – Power dresser.

Skoda Kodiaq SportLine review – New Zealand

I was always brought up in the understanding that first impressions last, and that their importance is paramount. Apparently, during that chance or appointed meeting, the experts believe that this ‘battle’ is won or lost in an instant. Your approach, your smile, your persona, your handshake, what you first say (including the tone) and what you wear, all count. Our likability is judged on all these key ‘touch points’ and all in a matter of 15 seconds – pretty brutal huh?

So, working on the principle that you do want people to like you, (I’m sure there are many of your out there that couldn’t care less), knowing the above information and maybe improving on certain areas, could go a long way in turning around your ‘quiet life in’. For what I’m sure would be a measly fee (yeah right), you could get your local orthodontist to straighten your teeth and whiten your smile. A gym membership could add some vigor to your lettuce leaf handshake and why not take some elocution and intonation classes while you’re at it – you’ve probably got the time right now? Or….one of the best and easiest ways to make a good impression (and maybe climb the corporate tree too), is to dress for success or in other words – Power dress.

Power dressing is not all about expensive designer clothes, it’s more about being aware of your environment and how to ‘own it’. Showing off the best of you, accessorizing well with a smart watch, or even smarter phone, and don’t skimp on colours either, wearing black is great for the game but not always the stand out option – if life is a popularity contest, power dressing is the ace up your sleeve.

On the subject of popularity, the Skoda Kodiaq has more than proven its likability, after all,  it’s got a trunk full of awards and trophies as a testament to this fact (and it’s got a really BIG trunk). However, even they have opted for automotive power dressing, with the introduction of SportLine. The family fave Kodiaq, has added ‘tude – attitude that is.

With the new SportLine, you still get all the attributes that have made this SUV NZMWG Car of the Year. The simplistic and intuitive connectivity, the suite of driving aids, that range from adaptive cruise control and lane keep assist, to a kick hands-free tailgate. The more than ample space, the 7 seats, the handy ‘Smarts’, (love the hidden umbrella’s and magnetic torch), the overall driveability, I could go on and on, but with SportLine, Skoda has made their SUV more expressive, both inside and out.

Although there are a variety of colours to choose from, the Metallic Velvet Red I was given is a major standout statement and showcases the SportLine badges on the front wings with absolute relish.

Up front, the grille, side-view mirror covers, spoiler and fanged ‘splitters’ have been smothered in ‘gloss black’, turning them into attention-grabbing features and accentuating the vehicle’s ambitious persona. While the rear has added sporty appeal with chrome-tipped exhaust pipes, a razor-sharp spoiler, and narrow silver trim.

The SportLine sits on 20” alloy Vega wheels with low profile rubber and combines these blinged up shoes with a sportier suspension that makes for a firmer yet more rewarding drive, (perfect for those moments when you’ve completed all your mundane but necessary family chores and are looking for some ‘you’ time).

The glitz and glamour continue inside. The black Alcantara bucket seats are very form-fitting and excellent at keeping you in place as you test the SUV’s road and cornering poise. The D-Shaped steering wheel feels sporty and very connected, seeming to add more weight and substance as you change driving modes or increase speed.

Infotainment is still an absolute breeze to use with quite simply, excellent touchscreen clarity (particularly with the reversing camera). Canton supply the sounds, while Carplay, Android Auto and Mirrorlink are all on hand to keep smartphone geeks happy. Another added fun feature is the sports driving dynamics data that is fed to the touchscreen. It displays turbo bar, kW, and g-force information which is great for family viewing, especially the cornering g’s – but I did prefer to concentrate on the driving (probably best for all involved).

The SportLine is very much at home on long runs and rural drives as it is around town, allowing you to switch between the relaxation of the Skoda’s engaged electronics as they take care of motorway driving and take the reins for more adrenaline-driven fun, to safely guiding you around city traffic or ‘flick of a button’ self-parking when you’re ready to blend back in.

The experts say you get 15 seconds to make a decent first impression, but I think with the Skoda Kodiaq SportLine you’ll have time to spare. The engine may be the same but the popular SUV’s new ‘attitude’ makes quite the statement – in short, it’s dressed for success.

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