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Maserati Debuts Tridente Membersip Program

The Italian Luxury House has just unveiled its first ever membership program for both clients and fans of the brand. Offering exclusive access to content, travelogues, product previews, collections and other bespoke experiences inspired by the “unique modern Italian luxury” that Maserati is known for.

Launch of the Maserati Tridente Program
Reserved for true fans of the Trident!

There are five parts to Maserati Tridente, these are editorial storytelling, Maserati exclusives, cultural encounters, curated driving experiences and international events. Blending the rich history of the Trident with technology, Maserati say that the only entry requirement to the club is “being a passionate lover of the Italian brand.” That and money probably.

Preview of the interface of the Maserati Tridente app
Combining the Trident’s history with technology

There are three membership tiers covering “different levels of brand loyalty.” Blu is for all Maserati fans and enthusiasts, Platinum is for Maserati clients while Diamond is for the most exclusive and only available to owners of the Project24 or collectors of the single-seater GT2 car.

A photo of the Maserati Fuoriserie lounge
An exclusive Fuoriserie consult with Head of Design Klaus Busse is on offer for Platinum members

A Blu membership offers editorial content and previews of special merchandise while Platinum allows members private tours of the Modena factory, personalized accessories, culture experiences, travelogues and early access to limited edition cars. Diamond members however enjoy a different level of luxury! A curated selection of luxury experiences such as a Fuoriserie private consultation with Head of Design Klaus Busse, classic car experiences, invites to sporting and racing events too.

The app is already available across several countries in Europe as well as UAE, USA, Japan and South Korea, an expansion for China is expected later this year with a full roll out scheduled for next year.

Thanks for reading! For more Maserati news and reviews, visit Tarmac Life.

Words by Matthew D’Souza, pictures courtesy of Maserati Media Global.

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