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Lotus and GB Cycling Collaborate for Next Olympics

Lotus and British Cycling have announced a continuation of their collaboration for the Paris Olympic Games in 2024. Based on the innovative ‘Hope’ bike created by Lotus for Tokyo 2020, the new bike will aim to help athletes on their way to another successful tournament.

A close-up shot of the Hope Lotus bicycle at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics
Hope was a showstopper at Tokyo 2020

The ‘Hope’ helped the Great British Cycling Team to win seven medals at the last Olympic Games, this included three golds and put Team GB atop the cycling table! Development work on the bike is already well underway, the project is being overseen by Lotus Engineering but details will remain confidential until we get closer to the start date.

Team GB podium placed cyclist Jess Roberts
Podium placed endurance rider Jess Roberts says the Lotus “rides likes a dream”

As with the Tokyo 2020 bike, focus will be on aerodynamics, performance, lightweight and high quality manufacturing. The success of this bike was in part a big helping hand for Lotus in their Vision80 goal. Transforming from a British sports car company to a global performance brand, the comprehensive strategy will take Lotus up to 2028 when the brand will celebrate its 80th anniversary!

Joe Truman, podium placed rider for Team GB on the 'Hope' bicycle
Podium placed rider Joe Truman called ‘Hope’ “something special”

To mark the event, Lotus created a special film which features several riders talking about why they love their bikes. Among them are Joe Truman and Jess Roberts, both podium placed riders for Team GB at the last Olympics.

Lotus is no stranger to performance cycling as the brand developed racing bikes during the 90s under LotusSport bikes which helped Chris Boardman win a gold at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. Boardman would go on to take the famous yellow jersey at Tour de France in 1994 while riding a LotusSport bicyle too!

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Words by Matthew D’Souza, pictures courtesy of Lotus Media.

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