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While Kia’s new cars have been making waves all around the country, it was a different kind of Kia that was unveiled last week. Located at the north-west end of Forsyth Barr Stadium, Dunedin sits a banner featuring Kia’s new logo!

The new banner made its debut at club rugby finals over the weekend and is one of the first places in the country featuring the new logo. The venue was important for Kia because just like their cars, it too is multi-purpose. The Carnival can accommodate an entire forward pack, the Stinger can race down the sideline and the Sorento can bring 7 people to the stadium!

The banner itself is one of the largest vinyls ever to be installed in Dunedin and took 5 people more than 16 hours to do so! Kia New Zealand will no doubt be pleased with the result.

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