Sting in the Tail: Kia Stinger GT Sport Review

When Kia took the wraps off their Stinger back in 2017, it was clear the Korean car maker wanted to shift up a gear, pardon the pun, when it came to performance. Taking the fight to the quick German executive saloon market was not a move I expected. The Stinger was Kia’s first attempt at […]

Kia’s Tonic: Kia Stonic Limited Review

The small urban crossover segment just keeps growing and growing. Just about every mainstream manufacturer is throwing their hat into the ring. Here is the latest offering from Kia, the new Stonic. Well, actually, the Stonic isn’t actually new at all. European buyers have had this Kia baby SUV since around 2017. With the success […]

Return to Sorento

Kia Sorento 1

Kia has been updating their lineup recently and now it’s the Sorento’s time to shine!
So, does it?

Kia Rio Review – Chatterbox

I’m pretty sure that any review of the Kia Rio should have some link back to Brazil, or a little Blue animated bird, or maybe even both. I am lucky (cough) enough to have a partner that hails from the great South American country of Brazil and as such have visited the vibrant city of […]