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Last week I managed to get along to New Zealand’s Land Rover Experience – Yes I do know how lucky I am!

The events have been held around the country and in my humble opinion, are the perfect way to showcase the capability and range of both Land Rover and Range Rover.

I was invited to attend the Woodhill Forest event, West of Auckland and it turned out to be nearly four hours of off-road fun.

We met on the outskirts of the forest and were transported to the darkest depths of Woodhill inside four very muddy new Discoverys. After a spot of lunch we were split into three groups (with 3 different activities) and ably escorted by the team from Downforce.

First up for us was a challenging course showcasing the off-road prowess of the new Discovery. A winding course through forest stumps, a 30 degree tilt around a hill, a puddle splash and a ramp/chassis exhibition – all way too easy for this formidable machine.

Next up was a forest and beach safari with the entire range of Range Rovers – a chance to frolic on the sand and splash along inlets.

Finally, a ‘don’t spill a drop’ challenge, where we had to drive a course with a bowl filled with water attached to the bonnet – the one that returned with the most water wins a chance to go to Peru.

The entire event was both insightful and at times nail biting – and WELL WORTH DOING!

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