5-star accommodation in Dubai

Address Fountain Views

In a city that boasts 7 star accommodation, you have to wonder if a hotel that has ‘just 5’ are you missing out? Well (thanks to Land Rover NZ) having just stayed at the Address Fountain Views, I have to say, categorically – NO. Located in the vibrant heart of Dubai and nestled next to […]

More power and more Carbon – Range Rover Sport SVR Carbon Edition review

Range Rover Sport SVR Carbon Edition review NZ

Initially codenamed the ‘Range Stormer’ the Range Rover Sport thrust its way onto the world stage around 2005 and hasn’t looked back since. Two generations and a few facelifts later (for the SUV not me) Land Rover NZ threw me the keys to their latest and greatest version, the SVR Carbon Edition and I’m still […]

Jaguar Performing, Performance Art

Jaguar Art of Performance review New Zealand Performing Arts are essentially an emotional expression. They are a way for artists to convey feelings and emotive articulation through the likes of music, dance and theatre and generally in front of a live audience. The Jaguar Art of Performance Tour is all of the above but in […]

To the Manor Reborn – aka unearthing diamonds.

The opportunity arose to go and visit the Jaguar Land Rover Classic Works in Coventry and I seized it with both hands. Not only would it give me the chance to pore over such iconic cars as the E-Type and Land Rover Series one but it also came with the offer of being chauffeur driven […]

Land Rover Experience – NZ

Last week I managed to get along to New Zealand’s Land Rover Experience – Yes I do know how lucky I am! The events have been held around the country and in my humble opinion, are the perfect way to showcase the capability and range of both Land Rover and Range Rover. I was invited […]

Discovering Wellington – Land Rover style

Our capital has a history that dates as far back as 950AD when Polynesian explorer Kupe first discovered it. However ‘colonisation’ began relatively recently (1840) when European settlers arrived on the ship ‘Aurora’ and started to lay down roots; opting for Petone initially, before (due to flooding) moving further south to Wellington’s current and recognised […]