NZ PR Guru Amped at new venture

AmpedPR_Ed Finn

For those of us that have had the pleasure in attending an event or experience created by renowned auto-industry Corporate Affairs veteran Ed Finn, it comes as no surprise that he has now revealed bold new plans for his future following his departure from Holden. Finn is establishing AmpedPR, a one-stop-shop for all public relations […]

BMW’s Lap of luxury

BMW New Zealand

It’s always a plus when your BMW media invite begins with ‘Meet at Mechanics bay.’ This location generally means a Helicopter ride to an event that will undoubtedly be something rather special. In this case, I was correct with the event but thanks to the weather gods not playing ball, incorrect with the chopper. Still […]

BMW M Town – Too Hot

BMW M Town New Zealand

Passport – check, Ticket – check, Thermals packed – check, thrill-seeking, adrenaline-junkie attitude ready to be unleashed – check, guess I’m ready for BMW M Town! Recently, an advertising campaign was created to embrace the monumental features and thrills that BMW M cars deliver. With emotive headlines the likes of “Too Loud, Too Low, Too […]

Land Rover Experience – NZ

Last week I managed to get along to New Zealand’s Land Rover Experience – Yes I do know how lucky I am! The events have been held around the country and in my humble opinion, are the perfect way to showcase the capability and range of both Land Rover and Range Rover. I was invited […]

M – The Heart and Seoul of BMW

M-Sport in Seoul

A BMW experience Over easter; BMW invited me to Seoul to stretch the legs of their M-Sport range on the tarmac of its Driving Centre in Incheon, South Korea. It was a once in-a-lifetime opportunity that I sure wasn’t going to ‘passover’! For those of you that don’t know, here’s a brief history lesson. Officially founded […]

Ford SUV experience – Clark Stable

Ford SUV

You may be fully aware that Ford have been in the business of making cars since 1908 but what you may not know is that they have been making SUV’s for over a half a century too. When they introduced the original Ford Bronco in 1965 with a press release touting a “completely new line […]

Holy Moly – A Ferrari Experience

Ferrari at Bathurst 12 hour The Ferrari Australasia family invited me to spend four days with them in Bathurst sampling their cars, their racing team and their overwhelming hospitality; I have now started my adoption process. We arrived early; actually VERY early; at the Elizabeth Street Showroom in Sydney for vehicle allocation and departure to […]

Who are they – Huawei

As I write this, I am at the pool of the Grand Hyatt hotel in Bali. I’m telling you this not just to rub it in (although there is of course a degree of that) but it’s really to emphasize the hospitality shown to me by my new friend in the Telco market, Huawei. Who? […]