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Auckland city opened a new Art Gallery last week and it promises to hold some of the world’s finest and most desired treasures – namely Ferrari’s.

Positioned up high at the start of Newmarket’s prestigious vehicle dealership collection, this hand-picked location was undoubtedly selected for both its visibility and dominance. This 450m2 of state of the art facility is the 6th in the world with this particular design and simply oozes luxury and refinement.

We were lucky enough to be invited to the ViP opening, a highly salubrious event that attracted some of Ferrari New Zealand’s most ardent followers and customers and brought in international heavy hitters such as Dieter Knechtel (CEO of Ferrari Far East & Middle East) and Herbert Appleroth (CEO of Ferrari Australasia). The red carpet affair showcased the attention to detail that went into bringing this dealership to life. Floodlights and sports cars on the outside with lavish canapes and Ferrari inspired cocktails within. There was even a carefully choreographed floor show with ‘lighted’ dancers moving in time to an animated brand video – hard to explain but picture ‘Tron’ and ‘Daftpunk’ and you’ll be in in the same neighbourhood.

Heartfelt speeches were made about the longstanding relationship between CCS (Continental Car Services) and Ferrari – since 1973 in case you were wondering – and that New Zealand was home to some of the most respected customers in the world.

Dieter Knechtel, said, “It is with great pleasure that we launch this stunning new showroom. In the heart of Auckland, this new showroom will not only be the landmark of the area, but also an important pillar in the Ferrari dealer network globally. The significant investment made by Continental Car Ferrari proves the strength and confidence of our partner in the Ferrari brand and the future. We are excited to see that level of growth in one of the most dynamic cities in the region.” Herbert Appleroth added, “Ferrari’s New Zealand customers have a long and significant affinity with Ferrari. Some of our clients here are amongst the most respected collectors in the world, with many of our special limited editions making their way here. In addition, we have already noted that 50% of our New Zealand clients are new to the Ferrari brand. We expect that this new state of the art facility will only continue to strengthen Ferrari’s position with our New Zealand customers.”

At a media breakfast the next day (no I didn’t stay the night – although sorely tempted) we got the chance to look around the Gallery relatively unhindered. It’s expansive and yet intimate, the cars are displayed under halo lighting and there are area’s such as the customer lounge and Atelier (a place to bespoke your purchase and make your Ferrari truly yours) and even under daylight scrutiny, it’s clear to see the craftsmanship that has gone into this new home.

2017 sees Ferrari turn 70 and with that comes promises of new and exciting models – the mind boggles. From an NZ perspective, there will be a variety of special editions (for the art collectors amongst us) so I suggest you keep your camera’s at the ready.

Welcome to New Zealand’s new Home for Ferrari (as you can see, calling it a showroom somehow undermines the care and attention that has gone into the entire process) and since (as Enzo himself once said) ‘Every Ferrari should be a piece of art’ then may I suggest you add Newmarket to your list of Auckland cultural experiences.  

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