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24 Hours Of LeMons – Squeezed Us In.

As we near the precipice of NZ’s inaugural 24 hours of LeMons, we decided to enter a car to the event. We have left it late and we’re hopelessly under-prepared but that is potentially part of the attraction.

For those (few) of you that don’t know of the event, 24 hours of LeMons is an endurance race that gives wannabe race-drivers the chance to dust off their old jalopy, take to the race track and race for 24 hours – Of course it’s not quite as simple as that but that is the essence.

We’ve probably all had a car (bought at a bargain price) that failed to live up to our vision of it. Maybe too ugly or plain, electric windows failed regularly and only when it rained, over revved, under revved, smelt or in fact stank… the list goes on. Rather than scrapping it or (worse) making it someone else’s problem – 24 hours of LeMons gives you another option – RACE IT. Provided it is worth below $999 you can enter.

lemons-124 hours of LeMons has been a hit in the States and across the ditch in Aus, so sports event promoter (and Chief LeMon squeezer) Jacob Simonsen decided that it was high time us Kiwi’s got a go. We met with him a week ago and he explained that this is a way for the kiwi racing spectator to get off the couch and get involved. Although there is a lot of fun surrounding the event (themes, penalties, bribes – does this sound like F1?) all the safety measures are in place to give it a professional undertone. It’s the first rung on the racing ladder and a way for us to get the motor racing bug.

14303702_1474139635946279_1555014779_oWe managed to get a hairdressers car that was in pieces and in disrepair – with a bit of bribery and whole lot of begging and pleading it looks like we’re going to be there at the starting line – after that I have no idea. 6 drivers in our team, 24 hours of driving over 2 days on what looks to be a rainy weekend, in a car that costs under a grand, unprepared, unfit and inexperienced – it reeks of success doesn’t it!

Looking through the list of teams, there are professional drivers and celebs (including Bad Motherduckers, Salty nuts, Stickmen, – for the first time ever –Rrrrrcacing Ray Williams and ALL his brothers, called the 10 willies) so our chances of a trophy win is (let’s say) limited – we will be trying to bring you all the thrills and spills though.

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