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Ford have just gone and added another model to their successful Escape range! This time, it’s a self-charging hybrid that expands the lineup. Joining the Escape PHEV, this full hybrid model will allow customers to choose the best Escape to suit their needs.

With a predicted combined range of 1,000km, we can’t imagine you will be spending much time at the fuel pump! Fuel efficiency is rated at 5.4km/litre meaning you will chew through that 54 litre tank rather slowly. The 1.1kWh battery and the 2.5-litre engine combine to produce 140kW of power that is delivered to the road through an intelligent All-Wheel Drive system.

The hybrid powertrain especially shines in city and stop-start environments where the car can cover short distances in pure electric mode. Not to forget that the engine charges the battery on the fly, another benefit of the hybrid system.

Come next year, the Escape will be available with four hybrid and two PHEV options! Prices will be confirmed closer to the release date which is set for the mid-2022.

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