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More sedate and sustainable sedan – BMW i4 eDrive35 review

BMW i4 eDrive35 review

BMW New Zealand has stepped up its game in the fully electric sedan market with the introduction of the new i4 eDrive35. It may sit at the entry gates of the model range, but it’s anything but ‘basic’. The new i4 eDrive35 is built on the fifth generation BMW eDrive technology (electric motors, power electronics, […]

Range and oomph (but not in the same model) – Toyota bZ4X review

Toyota bZ4X review NZ

A short while ago, I attended the local launch of Toyota’s (almost) first all-electric vehicle (there was an electric RAV in ‘97 and again in 2012), the BZ4X. It was good to test it out for the day, but how would it fare under a week’s scrutiny? Toyota gave me both the 2WD Pure and […]