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Fiat 500 Now Comes with a Sanitizing Glove Box

Fiat have announced the successful development of a sanitizing glovebox, made to increase hygiene! It’s another nod to the brand’s “tech it easy” approach to technology and they have even made videos to prove it.

The logic behind this was to first look at all the bacteria covered surfaces we touch everyday. Think about the shopping trolley, ATM machine, door handles, the list goes on! And after all of that, we touch our phones, making them the worst of all. So, Fiat created this glovebox in which you can stick your device to be cleansed. Be warned though, this feature is only available on the 500e RED and the 500e “La Prima by Bocelli” editions.

How it works is the glovebox includes a built-in UV-C ray lamp which does the sanitizing. Simply place your items in there, press a button to turn it on and three minutes later, all your stuff is germ free!

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Words by Matthew D’Souza, pictures courtesy of Stellantis Media.

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