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Not for Vampires – DS 4 Crossback

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DS 4 Crossback review New Zealand

Vampire folklore would have you believe that these beings of our nightmares are in fact real and that all over the world there are pockets of un-dead people with fangs that ‘want to suck your blood.’ Books, TV, Movies and even (on the odd occasion) News, will recant tales of these blood-lusting demons. History will refer you to ‘Vlad the Impaler’ as the founder of the Vampire myth and in truth he is probably the most gruesome of the stories with The Twilight Saga being the most romantic (however my favorite is the Lost Boys).

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Vampires may not be the plague that Hollywood would have you believe but (if they are real) having them within close proximity to you or your family can’t be a good thing. So should you stumble upon any of them here are a few things to help you get rid. First up, never invite them into your home – it makes them impervious to your attack. Second, garlic is your friend (and not theirs), same goes with crosses. Third (or is it forth?) Buffy is an easy on the eye way to slay them. Fifth, make sure you have a wooden stake or two close to hand (should they fall asleep near you) and last but not least, sunlight makes them spontaneously combust – so you’ll be well advised to buy a DS 4 Crossback!

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Let me explain – the first thing you notice when getting inside the DS 4 is the expanse of its windscreen, in fact it’s hard to miss. Ingeniously they have made the sun visors retractable, they move back a few inches towards the roof letting the sun and visibility flood and I mean flood; in. From the front seats, the world seems to open up, there is more of the sky to see, more of the clouds and unfortunately for vampires, more Sun! There’s no trick to it either, no switch or secret catch, you simply push them up or down depending on the light you desire.

This simple yet effective theme seems to surround the new DS 4 Crossback. It has all the look of a small SUV with its rounded rear hatch tallish stance and it certainly manages to have a foot in both the city and country camps. The body design is full of curves and accentuating features particularly around the arches front and rear. It comes in a choice of 8 colours, I had the Tormaline red which has a burnt orange look and is strikingly good looking. For some reason I initially thought it was a two-door (probably because the rear door handles are up high out of the way) but no, it’s a true four-door, four-seater – talking of themes; the rear doors (when opened) have fangs – just saying.

The interior is clean and simple and is very driver friendly. Seating position is high and the perforated/grained leather seats are quite lovely. The wheel is a bit large and Citroeny but it does its job which is all you can expect, oh and for those that like it – it’s completely uncluttered. Infotainment comes via a 7” colour touchscreen and Denon (not demon) provide the sound.

Under its nose is a BlueHDi 180 engine that happily gives you 133kW of power and 400Nm of torque and is strapped to a smooth and efficient 6 speed auto gearbox. It feels solid and robust and with that amount of Torque I guess it should.

The high ride position gives you a sense of confidence and freedom, it’s lovely to drive outside the confines of the city and with the large trunk space, it’s the ideal vehicle to pack the family up with a picnic and find somewhere different to have lunch.

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On the subject of confidence, the DS 4 comes fully loaded with the likes of reversing camera, intelligent traction control, Blind Spot alert, Hill start assist and DS LED vision headlights – rest assured you won’t go wanting.

We (my family) had the DS 4 Crossback for a week and it fitted us like a glove (no not a clove). There is plenty of room for a small family and style enough for both husband and wife to feel ok driving. We didn’t take it on a long run but spending sufficient time in the driver’s seat commuting was a good test and hardly a chore. If you’re considering a hatch then this is well worth a look.

And I’ll leave you with this Top Tip…

If you’re not sure if Vampires are Truth or Myth and you’re uncertain as to whether a certain person you know is just a nocturnal party-goer or is actually a bloodsucking vampire then invest in a DS4 Crossback and get them in the front seat (but do NOT invite them in – remember; you’ll be powerless). If when you arrive at your destination you have a seat full of ashes, you may have lost a friend but at least you’ll know your family is safe.

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