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Cupra couldn’t have picked a better venue to host their latest event where the brand detailed their plans for the next three years. The location was set for Terramar which is also the birthplace of Cupra! In its so far short life, the brand have sold nearly 200,000 cars and have increased their turnover from 430m Euros to 2.2b Euros!! With an aim to double their sales and turnover this year.

Launch of Cupra's 2025 plan
Cupra Terramar, Tavascan & UrbanRebel unveiled

By 2025, the brand aim to introduce three new electric models. Cupra Terramar, Tavascan and the UrbanRebel will join a rejuvenated existing lineup. Formentor has been Cupra’s best seller so far, seeing nearly 100,000 units shifted so far!

Spotlight on the new Cupra UrbanRebel
UrbanRebel will be a hot hatch for the future

In their future plan, Terramar will be the brand’s first electric SUV with a PHEV available and will also mark the last internal combustion powered Cupra. On the other hand, the Tavascan will be a fully electric SUV with a launch date set for 2024. An Extreme E version of the Tavascan was shown off last year and the road going model will take inspiration from there.

And the headline act, Cupra UrbanRebel will debut in 2025. The front wheel drive hatchback will go on sale as a compact high performance vehicle. A hot hatch of the future if you may. The UrbanRebel will not only be quick but also environmentally friendly with recycled plastics used in the production of the car. A 166kW powerplant will catapult the hatch from 0-100 in 6.9 seconds and it will have a range of 440km. If you are a fan of the existing range which includes the Cupra Formentor, Leon and Born then don’t fear! The brand have detailed plans to rejig the existing lineup for a 2025 refresh.

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Words by Matthew D’Souza, pictures courtesy of Cupra Media.

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