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Born Star – Cupra Born first drive NZ

Cupra Born V+ review NZ

Spanish automotive brand Cupra has released its all-new and all-electric hatch, ‘Born’ and it’s finally arrived in NZ. The attractive, hardcore sports hatch has a sizable battery that offers plenty of endurance, while its handling and performance makes it certain to be one of the stars in the current Cupra line up.  The NZ launch […]

Less horses but tons of personality – Cupra Formentor V review

Cupra Formentor V review NZ

Spanish performance brand Cupra (you know, the one with the unique copper logo) has just added a new model to its Formentor line up in NZ. It’s called a V and it’s just as good looking as the others, but with less poke – Cupra NZ let us find out if it’s just as much […]

Cupra Trooper: Cupra Formentor VZ Review

“What kind of car is that?” That would always be the question passers-by would ask once they clapped eyes on the Cupra Formentor VZ. When I told them what it was, the response was always the same, “what is a Cupra?” It was at this point I delved into the fact the Cupra’s parent company […]

Roarsome – 2021 Cupra Leon VZ Hatch review

2021 Cupra Leon

A few weeks ago we attended the New Zealand launch of the all-new SEAT/Cupra Leon (wow a lot has happened since then). Anyway, there we discovered that the 4th generation Cupra Leon is more powerful, better equipped and smarter than ever, however, just to be sure, Cupra NZ let us play with the ‘hot hatch’ […]

Copper the new Gold – Cupra Formentor VZ review

Cupra Formentor VZ Review NZ

Thanks in part to their exclusivity and scarcity, the value of precious metals such as Platinum and Gold is soaring, however, so too is Copper. In fact, this malleable element with a high thermal and electrical conductivity is currently sitting at an all-time high price and demand is just as high. In the meantime, of […]