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First establishing a partnership in 2019, French hypercar manufacturer Bugatti and luxury storage company Buben&Zorweg have released a new collaboration. Called the ‘Hyper Safe Collection’, the safes combine the peak of Bugatti design with the latest in high tech storage security.

A Buben&Zorweg Bugatti 'Hyper Light' Hyper Safe in front a wall full of Bugatti art.
This is a safe unlike any other!

The development process took 18 months with the result being a limited edition line of high-security safes that combine the values of both brands. Namely, “timeless design, ultimate craftsmanship and technology that pushes boundaries”. Adorned with the Bugatti logo, these Buben&Zorweg safes are unmistakably luxurious and include dimmable ambient lighting surrounding the safe! A C-Line bears resemblance to the Bugatti Chiron while a shark-tail line atop the safe evokes the Type 57 Atlantic.

A close-up of the handles on the Buben&Zorweg Bugatti Hyper Safe collection
The handles take over 3,000 milling steps to make!

A high strength steel core and a unique carbon fibre surface form the safe door. The handle itself is a sculpture, the production of which takes over 3,000 milling steps. Every stainless steel component of the safe is finished in LAP Coating or ‘Light-Arch-Protection-Coating’ to make the surfaces more scratch resistant as well as less penetrable.

A photo of the 'Hyper Track' Hyper Safe from the Buben&Zorweg for Bugatti collection
‘Hyper Track’ is the ultimate in the collection!

Three bespoke “personalities” are available. ‘Hyper Light’ combines Peal Beige & Shadow Grey Napa Leather with a Stone matt LAP Coating while ‘Hyper Dark’ uses Mocha Brown & Powder Grey Napa Leather finished with a Copper matt LAP Coating. ‘Hyper Track’ however is the Magnum Opus in this collection, using high tech carbon fibre as well as Pace Blue Napa Leather, reminiscent of Bugatti’s ‘French Racing Blue’. The ‘Hyper Track’ safe is finish in an Onyx matt LAP Coating.

Only 25 of each ‘Hyper Safe’ model will ever be made.

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Words by Matthew D’Souza, pictures courtesy of Bugatti Newsroom Global.

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