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It’s Official, an M3 Wagon has Been Confirmed

The BMW M3 has long been famous for combining power and practicality. You had the pedigree of that M badge while being able to carry four or five passengers! However, what if you wanted more space than the sedan could offer but did not want to compromise on the power? Bad news, you couldn’t have that combination but now you can!

The new BMW M3 being tested under wraps at the Nurburgring.
The new BMW M3 under wraps at the Nurburgring. Credit- BMW Media

The all new M3 sedan will be premiered next month and the new M4 convertible will follow sometime next year. Those new M cars are certainly something to look forward to for enthusiasts like me but I am even more keen to see the M3 Touring in the metal. Having tested the new M340i Touring, I can say that it is an excellent car but I couldn’t help but feel that it could handle more power and BMW seem to share the same sentiment.

Previously, the M and Touring combination was reserved for the M5 but BMW have decided to change things up a little and introduce an M3 Touring. In the past, BMW have made a prototype M3 Touring but that was 20 long years ago and the concept never made it any further. With this new one, prototypes have already been spied around the Garching testing centre in Munich and the car is not far from being put to the test at the Nurburgring.

A rolling rear three quarters shot of the new BMW M340i Touring in black.
Expect the M3 Touring to look more ferocious than this M340i. Credit- BMW Media

The new M3 Touring will get BMW’s now famous ‘TwinPower’ straight six turbo engine under the bonnet and while the Touring is essentially a family wagon, it will not be a discrete one. The M3 Touring is expected to have large air dams in the front, a wide stance with flared fenders and of course, quad exhaust pipes at the rear to give it that proper M3 look.

Are you looking forward to the first ever M3 Touring?

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