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After what seems like an eternity since BMW announced the eventual introduction of an M3 Touring, the Bavarians have finally taken the covers off their mean machine. Well, only partially! In a new video uploaded by BMW, the history of the company’s fast estates is touched over with a few snippets of the new M3 Touring thrown in.

The car shares several features with its sedan counterpart, these include a rear diffuser, quad exhausts and the fascia. What differentiates the Touring though is the body as well as roof rails and a rear lip spoiler!

The M3 Touring is one of several BMW M cars set to debut this year. So far, the illustrious list includes an M2 Competition Coupe, M4 CSL and an XM super SUV! While BMW haven’t confirmed any performance specs for the Touring yet, they have mentioned that it will share the same twin turbo straight six as the sedan. Expect a figure of at least 473 bhp then.

In the 34+ years that the M3 has been around, BMW have never offered it as an estate even though they did build a prototype in the early 2000s. The M5 on the other hand has had two generations of performance estates with the last model being pulled from production in 2010.

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Words by Matthew D’Souza, picture and video courtesy of BMW M on YouTube.

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