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BMW Takes Covers Off M2 CS Racing MotoGP Safety Car

This years marks 50 years of BMW’s ‘M’ or ‘Motorsport‘ division and the Bavarian brand have been going all out to make it an anniversary to remember! One of their crown jewels so far is the M2 CS Racing Safety Car being used in MotoGP.

A side view of the BMW M2 CS Racing MotoGP Safety Car
Notice the 50th anniversary BMW M livery

The quick coupe is the first ever thoroughbred racing car to be used as a safety car in MotoGP. The season kicks off on the 6th of March in Qatar and will be headlined in part by BMW’s special M2.

BMW Motorsport has been the official safety car provider of MotoGP since 1999 and this relationship has only gotten stronger with time! Executives of both companies were keen to usher in the new year with BMW at the forefront of the paddock for the 24th season.

Roof view of the BMW M2 CS Racing Moto GP Safety Car
A series of light bars have been added to the racecar

The M2 CS Racing is a crown jewel in BMW’s Motorsport division with the car having its own one-make cups around the world. Putting out 450bhp, the M2 also has motorsport specific driving aids and a mechanical LSD. For its role in MotoGP, the M2 has seen some more additions in the form of light bars.

Birds eye view of the BMW i4 M50 Safety Car
MotoGP’s electric sister competition also gets a BMW Safety Car

BMW also has a fleet of safety vehicles involved in this season of MotoGP. These include an M3 Competition Safety Car, M4 Competition Safety Car, M5 CS Safety Car, M8 Competition Gran Coupe Safety Car, X5M Competition Medical Car and two M 1000 RR Safety Bikes. The fully electric i4 M50 Safety Car will also lead the filed in the FIM Enel MotoE World Cup.

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Words by Matthew D’Souza, pictures courtesy of BMW PressClub.

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