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Audi A3 Review – Light and tasty

With breakfast being brandished ‘the most important meal of the day’ it’s not surprising that there is a full on multi Billion dollar industry that surrounds it (cereal alone is expected to reach US$43 Billion globally by 2019). From Toast and Cereal to the belly busting Full English or American it seems that we can’t wait to break the fasting of sleep and feed our faces. Whatever you actually end up choosing (some things are obviously more healthy than others), ‘experts’ believe that breakfast is important as it promotes weight control by leveling your blood glucose and kickstarting your metabolism. These do gooders would also have you lean towards a more nutritious and healthy option packed full of a wide range of body craving fuels. 

As a case in point, one of said breakfast cereals preaches a delicious flavour packed meal, full of oats, bran and flakes with all the foodie police buzzwords (wholegrains, fibre, calcium, Iron, thiamin, niacin and folate). Phew, when you read the inclusion list you get the sense it will be stodgy and bloated – in fact it’s much the contrary – Just like the new Audi A3.

From the onset, the Audi A3 looks inviting, something you want to sink your teeth into. The bold grille consumes most of the nose, with gaping air scoops to spoon in the flow and Matrix LED crystal clear lamps to light your way ahead. A razor sharp shoulder line runs the entire length of the body and joins a strong break across the rear tailgate. Audi have made excellent use of shadows too, they manage to accentuate lines and generate a more appeal.

The list of specifications is vast and impressive and just like the aforementioned cereal you get the feeling that it will be heavy on the road – but you’d be wrong. Electromechanical steering, ESC, ABS, ASR, EDL, Drive select, 7” MMI retractable infotainment screen, parking camera and sensors, auto rain sensor wipers, auto start/stop, cruise control, leather wheel (with infotainment control buttons), and chrome accents throughout. The Audi virtual cockpit screen is also available as an option, something I’d highly recommend – it really transforms your driving experience.

The A3 feels light at the wheel. The 2L TFSI engine delivers up an ultra responsive 140kW/320Nm, around the city it’s got plenty of get up and go (0-100 takes 6.7 seconds) and on the open road it feels tight and borderline butch and stoic. It feels well made and very ‘European’ – funny that. The sports hatch style allows for a multitude of uses particularly for a small family set up like mine. The rear offers 365 Litres of luggage/gear space and even when we packed the car with our (the wife’s) regular beach survival kit, there was still plenty of room to breathe. On the subject of seats, they are the genuinely figure hugging and yet seemingly forgiving for the longer rides.

Size wise, again the sportback is ideal for the family. Four door access and hatchback loading. It’s roomy enough for most day to day and weekend adventures and small enough to navigate city streets and mall parks (is it me or are they shrinking).

The Audi A3 is a pleasure to drive and has a gorgeous ‘driveway’ presence making it great to wake up to. It’s packed full of body and driver craving tasty delights (certainly enough to satisfy your hunger) and yet remains light enough to feel nimble and responsive. If I’m honest, I’m a bit of a Full English Breakfast type of guy (with lashings of bacon) so prefer the hiss and roar of the RS but rest assured that the new A3 will keep you more than fulfilled all day.

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