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There is something quite reassuring about the roar of a V8 engine under your right foot, the sense of power is almost primeval, you just know that it has the ability to get you in AND more importantly out of trouble. Earlier this year I road tested the V6 Touareg but Volkswagen thought it was high time I took their V8 R-Line out on the town.

touareg-v8-r-lineThe first thing you notice it’s perfect sense of style, there are plenty of chrome accents from the front grilles to the rear tailgate but it doesn’t seem overdone, it just looks well; professional. It gives off a aura of acceptance, like it belongs anywhere you chose to take – It’s like a machine washable Armani suit, never looking out of place. You could comfortably pull up outside a 5 star hotel without the valets rolling their eyes and it would more than hold its own in the mud or forestry.

This tone is mirrored on the inside, Colour coded (black with grey centre) Nappa Leather racing seats, Professional Black, Grey and ‘silver lane’ ribbed chrome trim and subtle R-Line badging both inside and out.

The finishing isn’t what I’d call luxurious but it is easy on the eye, plus this model had some very welcomed accessories, such as heated seats and a finger toasting heated steering wheel (especially with the little cold snap we’ve just had).

touareg-v8-r-line-interior-staring-wheelFor a big SUV it gets off the mark incredibly well 5.8secs 0-100 and stays up there too (top speed 242 kph), It’s V8 4.2L TDI  shells out 250kW with a massive 800Nm of torque – more than enough for it’s 3,500kg braked towing capacity.

The ride height is adjustable, comfort, normal and crouching sport all at your fingertips as is the on road off road dial. Although I didn’t get chance to take it Off road, I’m reliably informed that the Touareg can power up a 45degree hill from a standing start and leap over houses (I added that part) needless to say it’s apparently as impressive off road as it is in the city.

Another thing liked about this SUV was the way it introduced things to you as you climbed up in speed. Around 30 kph the blind spot aid  kicks in and around 60kph it adds lane keeping assist. Little green lights sprung up on the dash letting you know you had achieved the next level.

touareg-v8-r-line-interiorAs I’ve said before, the Touareg is a very capable SUV that will deliver much more than most SUV owners do in fact need, but if you do need that little confidence boost, get behind the wheel of the R-Line, push that accelerator and let it ROAR.

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