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Facelift-R – 2024 VW Touareg first drive

2024 VW Touareg review NZ

It’s not often that VW’s biggest SUV the Touareg is fettled with, and in fairness why would they. Originally launched in 2002, (and developed alongside the Q8, Bentayga and the Urus), the Touareg has sold over a million units and has become a key player in the brand’s impressive line-up. Well the 3rd generation is […]

Trucking Stylish – New VW Amarok Style review

2023 VW Amarok Style review NZ

By now you would be fully aware (I hope) that there’s an all-new VW Amarok in New Zealand, what’s more, there are three models to choose from, talk about being spoilt. Anyway, to help us figure out which Amarok would suit us best, VW New Zealand has given us almost the whole set to work, […]

All-new VW Amarok – first drive

All-New VW Amarok review NZ

The long-awaited and much-anticipated new VW Amarok has finally arrived on New Zealand shores and we couldn’t be happier. It’s bigger, bolder, more refined, better connected and more capable. Not only did the NZ launch have us test the all-new ute’s mettle on an challenging off-road trek, but the weather gods opened up the floodgates […]

They listened! VW to reintroduce steering wheels with physical buttons

Car companies have recently taken to making changes to their products that could not be more accurately described than saying they are “reinventing the wheel”. From Cadillac introducing sensors, motors and screens and to their steering wheels to power their SuperCruise autonomous system to Tesla cutting away half of it to create the “yoke”, there […]

R United – 2022 Volkswagen Golf R Review

The Volkswagen Golf R. With the exception of the GTi, for many, this is the ultimate Golf. Eight generations later, the R is still with us and in my view, can easily match, and in some cases surpass, the GTi in terms of performance and cult following. So, when Volkswagen New Zealand allowed me to […]

This year’s NZ Staycation sorted – all-new VW Grand California

VW Grand California NZ

Meet the Kombi’s big brother – the all-new Volkswagen Grand California due in NZ this Spring Having felt a little penned in over the last few months, it was a welcome sight to see that the New Zealand release of the all-new VW Grand California is imminent. The California has embodied a ‘freedom’ vision for […]

4Motion Devotion – A VW 4Motion Experience

VW 4MOTION Experience NZ

Volkswagen invited us to the snow-capped mountain peaks of Queenstown and a racetrack in Cromwell to ‘get to grips’ with their 4MOTION All-wheel drive system and tell us why it’s so important to the brand. Although the 4Motion itself actually only appeared by name in 1999, Volkswagen has been involved with AWD systems as far […]