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Right from the start, Volkswagen knew they had a winner on their hands with the ID.3. As far as this year’s sales figures go, they were absolutely spot on. One of Europe’s top selling EVs, Volkswagen has already had 144,000 orders for the ID.3! 50% of those buyers are new to the brand as well compared to 36% for other VW models.

Demand has been so strong in fact that their state of the art plant in Zwickau, Germany is operating 3 shifts a day. In combination with the VW plant in Dresden, the two are churning out 1,200 ID.3s daily! The brand have also recently opened a plant in Anting, China where production is set to begin for the local market.

A blue/green Volkswagen ID3 EV charging
The ID.3 has been a surging success!

Volkswagen have been so surprised with the uptake of their ID.3 that they conducted surveys to find out the various motivators driving this movement. Environmental friendliness was a big one with 60% of buyers saying it was a driving factor for them. Innovative technology was another one with 51% choosing the ID.3 for that reason. Many buyers were further spurred on by the peace of mind that came with Volkswagen’s strong support network across the European continent.

Doubts over the ID.3’s usability are quashed by the fact that 80% of the buyers use theirs as a daily car. Similarly, 70% only charge their car using green electricity from home solar power or via their charging network. Buyers will be happy to note that the production of the ID.3 at both the Zwickau and Dresden plants is carbon neutral!

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Words by Matthew D’Souza, pictures courtesy of Volkswagen Newsroom.

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