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Adventurous EV – Subaru Solterra review

Subaru Solterra Review NZ

A wee while ago we attended the (long-awaited) local launch of Subaru’s all-electric Solterra. It’s impressive of course (or should that be imprezive because the new Impreza was there too), but we wanted to take a closer look. Subaru NZ were happy to oblige.   To recap, the Solterra is a battery electric vehicle (BEV) that […]

The Imprezive new Subaru Impreza

New Subaru Impreza review NZ

Now in its sixth generation, the new Subaru Impreza hatch comes fully loaded with category-leading spec while offering the confidence to ‘go-anywhere’ courtesy of the brand’s legendary synchronous all-wheel drive capability.  For over 50 years, Subaru has consistently impressed adventurous kiwi drivers, and the Impreza is no exception. The nameplate first burst onto the scene […]

Getaway Drivers – Subaru Solterra and Impreza first drive

Subaru Solterra NZ

With their synchronous all-wheel drive system and go-anywhere attitude, Subaru vehicles have been a big hit with adventurous Kiwi’s for over 50-years. Last week, the intrepid brand released two new ‘getaway’ models to their stable, the 6th generation Impreza and the (long-awaited) all-electric Solterra. To help celebrate, we took a drive from Auckland to Napier […]

Crosstrek Voyager: 2023 Subaru Crosstrek Premium Review

Subaru never attempts to play down its image as a brand with serious talent when venturing off the beaten path. Such is the case with their range, with just about every model in the family able to boldly go where few in their respective segments have gone before, or will go. Look at the XV […]

Cross-treking – Subaru Crosstrek first drive

Subaru Crosstrek review NZ

In the realm of automotive exploration, where intrepid brands vie for supremacy, a new nameplate emerges from before, introducing the Subaru Crosstrek. Formerly known as the XV, this small SUV has been rechristened and reimagined, and boldly seeks to redefine the fiercely competitive category it initially pioneered. Subaru has long since captivated the hearts of […]

Adventure boost – Subaru Outback XT 2.4T review

2023 Subaru Outback XT 2.4T review NZ

They say that ‘getting there is part of the adventure’, and if that’s true then Subaru’s new 2.4T GOOAT (Greatest Outback Of All Time) has just taken about a third off your ‘getting there time’. But don’t worry, it’s also added a heap more fun to your adventure too. The Subaru Outback XT 2.4 T […]

Fast, not so furious – 2022 Subaru WRX tS review

2022 Subaru WRX review NZ

Synchronous All-Wheel Drive, boxer engine and WRC heritage, it can only be a Subaru WRX, but does the latest ‘more connected’ model still have the model’s animalistic tendencies? Subaru New Zealand let us find out. It’s been a couple of decades since I was last behind the wheel of a WRX, and time has a […]

The Final Curtain? – 2022 Subaru WRX 2.4TS Sedan Review

One can’t quite believe it has been eight years since Subaru lifted the lid on a new WRX. Perhaps more than any other model in the line-up, a new WRX, or “Rex” if you grew up in the nineties and noughties, is always a big deal. The fifth generation WRX has made it to Kiwi […]

Treemendous 2022 Subaru Forester X Sport Review

2022 Subaru Forester review NZ

Admittedly it’s been a while since I’ve been behind the wheel of a Subaru, but I have to say that the evolution and improvements they’ve made during my absence have been quite outstanding. My case in point is the new 2022 Forester, it’s got a refreshed new face, a variety of different terrain modes, countless […]