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A major name in cycling for nearly 140 years, Peugeot Cycles has taken innovation to the next level with the launch of a new range of “electrically assisted bicycles”. Designed for families, professionals and all.

New electric bicycle from Peugeot Cycles
A range of Peugeot Cycles e-bikes are en route, targeting both consumer and business segments

Just last year, the European for these e-bikes reached a record 5.5 million units in sales! An annual growth of 8.6% means one in every four bicycles sold in Europe is electric!

Dating back to 1885, Peugeot Cycles not only makes e-bikes currently but also specialist bicycles for trekking, city, mountain biking and for children. However, 2024 will see the brand expand its range of e-bikes with several new models coming to market. A companion app allows for adaptive electric assistance, anti-theft alarm, geolocation, navigation, weather and route statistics!

Three new ranges are being launched including the City Bike, Longtail cargo bike and Digital e-Front Load targeting both consumer as well as business segments.

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Words by Matthew D’Souza, picture courtesy of Stellantis Media Peugeot.

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