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Lamborghini and Tod’s have presented their first collaboration at Pitti Uomo 2024. Celebrating “craftsmanship and innovation”, the two brands debuted their first footwear collection earlier in the week.

A photo of the Lamborghini and Tod's collaboration Gommino at Pitti Uomo 2024.
This is just the beginning of the Tod’s for Lamborghini collection!

The lineup begins with two icons from the Tod’s footwear range being reimagined with a Lamborghini twist. The Tod’s Gommino and sneaker carried colours inspired by the two brands’ passion for their work.

Colours featured on the Gommino are reminiscent of Lamborghini’s super sports cars while the shoe also gains new tubular banding for improved aerodynamics. The “pebbles” on the sole are now colour matched with the upper with the leather being some of the world’s best. The Gommino in question is entirely cut and stitched by hand too.

Photo of the Tod's Gommino loafers in orange as part of the brand's collaboration with Lamborghini.
Gommino loafer has been reimagined with a Lamborghini flair

The venue was a significant one too with Pitti Uomo being the men’s fashion equivalent of ‘Pebble Beach’! More is to come from this collaboration including leather goods and clothing. Tod’s for Lamborghini can be purchased here.

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Words by Matthew D’Souza, pictures courtesy of Media Lamborghini.

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