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A Hydrogen Powered Defender is Coming!

We already know that Jaguar is going fully electric within the next few years so it would have been no surprise to see Land Rover going down the same path but no! Land Rover has instead confirmed that they are looking into Hydrogen power for the Defender.

Land Rover Defenders
What will life be like without a diesel Land Rover?!

While all the major manufacturers in Europe at least are entirely focused on EVs, Toyota, Hyundai and Honda have been busy pursuing Hydrogen fuel cell power. And now Land Rover will join this small group of rebels. Don’t get your hopes up just yet because Land Rover will only be using this Hydrogen powered Defender as a test mule at the moment. But, you never know with JLR!

The news comes after Land Rover announced their plans to ditch diesels by 2026 and then have zero exhaust emissions by 2036 which explains the Hydrogen stuff. The boffins at Land Rover are calling it ‘Project Zeus’ and work is set to begin on it later this year with the eventual goal for the company to be carbon neutral by 2039.

Land Rover Defender
Hopefully this means the Defender can keep doing this!

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Words by Matthew D’Souza, pictures courtesy of Land Rover Media.

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