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24 Hours of LeMons – New Zealand

To most people, the humble lemon is a semi innocuous fruit whose sole purpose is to garnish an alcoholic beverage or sour up a battered fish. However, it would seem that flowing some extensive research, (typing lemon into Google), this award-winning reporter has discovered that this oval-shaped yellow citrus has an extensive past and soon is soon to have historical relevance to the land of the long white cloud. Let me explain…

When you peel things back, the actual origins of this tarty little number is suspiciously vague. Some would say its roots lay near the apple tree in the Garden of Eden, while other more scientific minds have them initially grown in Assam in North East India – but as far as this researcher goes, the care factor on this point is zero. Let’s just say they appeared hanging from a tree one day and move on.

Jack Lemmon

It’s believed that a long time ago, the scarcity of the Lemon was the catalyst that helped the Sicilian Mafia form. A source close to the family told us that ‘with their lack of availability, Don Lemonioni (name change to protect the innocent) seized the opportunity to squeeze the locals out of their hard-earned cash’ and when they expanded over to Italy they smuggled so many lemons that New York was almost named the big lemon.

Sour face

The World’s largest lemon was discovered by Aharon Shemoel on his farm in Kefar Zeitim, Israel. It weighed an astonishing 11 pounds and 9.7 ounces, making it officially the world’s largest lemon and soon became home to the foundation of Gin and Tonic drinkers (a group that apparently would prefer to remain anonymous).

Lemon Tart

Nudging next to Orange (another popular fruit) county California is San Diego. Most consider this area to be famous for its amazing scenery however popular Instagram travel blogger igotraveloverseasalot (who boasts several followers) claims the area better known for its huge erection – of a giant lemon at Lemon Grove. Apparently, people flock from all over the neighbourhood to see it, some people even go past twice.

Bitter and twisted

Modern Day Electric Vehicles can have lemons to thank for their existence. An industry insider claims that if it wasn’t for children converting lemon juice into electricity, the likes of car makers such as Tesla may never have been imagined. Which leads in perfectly to the whole squeezen for this story…

Hysterical event

For the past 2 years, 24 hours of LeMons has been bringing scrapyard-worthy cars to the racetrack, theming them with outrageous costumes and letting them loose on the tarmac for 2 days of relentless punishment. This event has proven to be so successful that for the first time EVER, there will be a non-stop (theoretically) 24 hour race. From 3 pm Saturday 12th May until 3 pm the next day (which is allegedly Sunday) Hampton Downs Motorsport Park will play host to this epic and did I mention HISTORICAL event – you won’t want to miss this.

In the words of my friends from Italy – Joining us there is an offer you CANNOT refuse!

Cheers for the pic Dillon Photography.

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