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Ask Me Anything | The new BYD ATTO 3


Why’s everyone talking about BYD ATTO 3? There’s been so much chat about the BYD ATTO 3 recently it’s just wild. There are many new cars arriving all the time but the only people who notice are car nerds like me. Sometimes it spills into the mainstream and it’s happened again… everyone is talking about […]

The Swedes made it even better – Volvo XC40 Recharge

Volvo XC40 Recharge

New Zealanders have been buying more of the Volvo XC40 compact luxury SUVs than anything else in the segment by a country mile for the past two years. Everyone knows it’s a great car and deserves its top spot. Now there’s a new variant of the Volvo XC40 making its way to New Zealand and […]

The best-selling compact luxury SUV is…

Sold sign on a car window

The numbers are in, the people have spoken, and the most popular compact luxury SUV in New Zealand is… the Volvo XC40… again. The Volvo XC40 was the best seller in the segment last year and the same trend is continuing again in 2022. Year to date new registration figures put the Swedes on 147 […]

Fresh faced and effervescent – 2021 Audi SQ2 review

2021 Audi SQ2 review NZ

Launched around 2016, (my how time flies) the compact crossover Q2 brought Audi’s luxury SUV style and pizzaz to the inner city. With strong family ties in terms of exterior design and carrying the brand’s know-how on cabin prestige, the Q2 offered head-turning presence and a flair for fashion. Of course Audi also has a […]

Q-Ball – 2020 Audi NZ RS Q3 Sportback review

Audi NZ RS Q3 Sportback review

In the game of snooker or billiards, the cue ball controls all the action. Aside from the way it connects with the cue stick, it wizzes around the table interacting with the entire field getting in and out of trouble and ultimately making players (well the winners) happy. In many ways, much like Audi New […]

Soul-ful – Mazda CX-3 Review

Mazda CX-3 Review New Zealand

Mazda CX-3 Review New Zealand When launched onto the market in 2015, Mazda’s sub-compact SUV the CX-3, came loaded with flair, athleticism and electronic wizardry. But it would appear that with its latest refresh, they have further upped the ante with smoother styling, increased performance and a whole host of cutting-edge technology. So, the big […]

Suzuki Ignis Review – You only live twice

Once again news that Idris Elba is next in line to play James Bond has surfaced. I’m not sure if it’s wishful thinking or if the Londoner does infact have chance to play the coveted role of the suave British Secret Agent (very probably the former) but his name alone got me thinking about the […]

Toyota C-HR review – Outgoing personality

Millennials have been branded self-absorbed, self-important and even selfish but I’m not so sure it’s all their issue. In this heavily polluted ‘white noise’ digital world there is a battle to be heard and things like selfies and viral ‘home made/ self-exploitation videos are simply just another personality arm.  At their recent new car launch, […]