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Little Car Solves Big Problems- 2019 Skoda Fabia Review

See why the new Skoda Fabia is the perfect big city car

If you live in a city then you’ll be familiar with a lot of the problems I am about to discuss. Fortunately, I think I may just have the solution that you’ve been looking for.

1- People Park Poorly

This is true, no matter where you live and it gets even worse as you go closer to the city district. And yes parking spaces in multi storeys and off street are also smaller in the inner city limits but the tiny Fabia can squeeze into them without breaking a sweat! It even has a great reversing camera to help you further! Lovely

2- People Cut Lanes like Crazy

Again, this is a sad reality but guess what, with the nimble Fabia, you can squeeze your way into the smallest gaps in traffic. And when the signal turns green, the 1.6L four pot gives you enough power to dart through signals and change lanes as you please with indication of course!

3- Need to Car Pool but Space a bit tight?

The Fabia may look like a small car on the outside but it has more than enough room on the inside for 4 adults. Though it is generally preferable if you are under 6’2”. The boot is fairly generous as well and there are lots of storage cubbies for your phones, bottles and whatnot!

4- Fuel is Expensive

Yet again, the Fabia saves the day. With regular fuel costing around $2.20 per litre, one would rather not burn more fuel than they need to. So you’ll be pleased to know that this little Fabia’s 1.6L engine will give you a combined mileage of 5.9L per 100km. How about that for efficiency! It’s quite a fun car to drive as well which just makes the whole package even better

Even though there are a fair bit of hard plastics in the cabin, that is to be expected when the car costs $24,000. Yes you read that right, it is not too good to be true! For the aforementioned price, it is brilliant value for money! It’s got a great infotainment system and some character as well. The ice scraper is tucked in the fuel cap and when not in use, it acts as a magnifying glass for the tire pressures, take a look below!


From reading my reviews, you’ll know that I’m a very harsh critic when it comes to cars but frankly the only bad thing I can say about the Fabia is that the cupholders in the centre console are a little funnily shaped and so it will only hold one coffee cup at a time! Other than that, the Fabia excels at being a city dwellers commuter car and the fact that this model is priced at $24,000 NZD means that even a young person like me could afford to go and get one without breaking the bank!

The Skoda Fabia gets a 9/10 from me!

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