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You may recall that several months ago I had lunch with Dawn, a stunning British Model who has links to the Royal family. I felt we hit it off and I made it clear I wanted to meet again. However, for one reason or another our diaries had difficulty in finding mutually convenient dates (she has been in high demand around the country) however last week we finally made a date that we could both stick to.

I am fully aware of her heritage and upbringing and as such was sure that I couldn’t compete in the upper echelon circles she generally frequents, so I thought I’d find a way to ‘Kiwify’ our date.

We arranged to meet in Mission bay at (of course, Dawn). It was to be a full-on day and I wanted to start as early as possible (based on how long it had taken us to get this far, I wasn’t sure when we’d meet again). Unsure of how she would dress, I took my time getting ready (it’s difficult to decide what to wear on a first date with such a graceful beauty) I opted for smart casual in case you were wondering.

I arrived early (pacing a little in anticipation) before – my jaw dropped open as she appeared. She was wearing an overcoat of Metallic Midnight Sapphire that glistened in the moonlight, with a hood of Navy Blue to keep the chill at bay. Her elegant cheekbones were accentuated by her instantly recognisable highly polished face that was highlighted by a beautiful ‘Angel’ pendant she called ‘the Spirit of Ecstasy’ that simply shone in the dark with its illuminated surround.

I stood in awe and watched as she came ever closer, somehow her 21” forged 10 spoke shoes seemed to glide over the uneven terrain keeping their RR brand upright and unmoved – It was easy to see why she is so sought after.

Unsure as to whether or not to hug, I opted to just say hello and stand beside her for a while. Our date had begun. We stood in silence as we watched the sun come up over the water (somewhere south of Rangitoto) and yet it didn’t feel in the slightest bit uncomfortable – in fact it felt meant to be. I managed to sneak side glances of her as we stood together. She had the poise of an athlete and that made her all the more sensuous. Her strong shoulder line flowed down the length of her 5.285M body, over the swell of her feminine hips, to her (may I say this) pert rear end and ‘Boat tail’. Although smaller than on other models; her (ahem) headlights are perfectly proportioned and shine incredibly brightly – they are LED enhanced you know.

With the heat of the sun taking the chill out of the air, she quietly and smoothly let the Navy scarf fall from her head and shoulders (she called it her ‘Silent ballet’), and it was quite the party trick. There was so much action as she quickly (20 seconds) and carefully folded it away but zero sound. She can multitask and do this at 50kph too. The resulting ‘look’ was even more attractive than when she first arrived. Exposing the striking mandarin orange dress she wore below she looked racier, more devil may care and yet still so very refined, so Savoir Faire.

It was time to get better acquainted. Being a gentleman, I opened the doors for her, (they’re epically large coach doors) and stepped over the DAWN tread panel jewelry. The ice was broken and she was already getting into the spirit of the date, to my surprise once I was inside (at the push of the button) she closed the doors for herself. As I started to get comfortable (adjusting the near endless seat settings) I began to delve even deeper.

She visibly had a social side, she could easily take 3 more friends with us and we’d all be able to travel in cosseting seat style (not that I would let that happen today). Without moving from the spot we were in, the scenery inside was as good (maybe even better) as what the waterfront had to offer. Hand crafted open pore Canadel Paneling traced the horse-shoe shape of the rear cabin, while the individualized wood on the deck flowed down the ‘waterfall’ between the rear seating arrangements. Unblemished full natural grain leather and chevron patterned book matched wood filled the entire tableau. Under foot was a carpet of one of the deepest lambswool shag pile I have ever felt and just quietly I’d have liked to throw off my socks and shoes and fun my bare feet through it – possibly a little too soon for that.

Her instrument dials had individually applied polished metal chaplets around the dials reminiscent of luxury wrist watches and matte chrome centres ‘float’ in the middle of each instrument. Something of note – she didn’t boast such things as ‘revs’ but merely declared ‘power reserve’ – quaint.

She also wore a beautiful analogue timepiece that featured her name – but time was (in my mind) both standing still and racing forward, I was ready to move the date on.

We drove around the waterfront admiring the view, the contrast of the city in the distance and water lapping up to the coastline was incredible. We breathed in the sea air and let the morning sun engulf us. The traffic was already starting to build and we received sly looks and glances from other drivers – I felt proud to be noticed with her.

Breakfast was to be on the run, (I didn’t want any interruptions from waiters) and also wanted to downplay my obsession, so I grabbed us a Mcmuffin combo from Macca’s – I know, all class. Even the owner came out and looked a little puzzled. Although her look and style was more befitting taking her on a date to the ‘Cote D’Azur’ or a Monaco Casino, I had planned to take her on a tour of the city.

Even as we stepped up the pace the Beat of her Goodwood born heart was virtually silent. I knew that she had vital statistics that boasts things like a 6.6L V12, 420kW, 780Nm but we didn’t need to concern ourselves with those things. What was more important was that we could talk and I mean talk – there was absolutely no need to shout. She’s considerate of others too – I noticed that yellow warning lights flashed up on the crystal clear HUD showed images of pedestrians if they came within a hint of danger. Beautiful, considerate, classy and powerful – I’m smitten.

I forgot to bring any music (I didn’t plan for everything) but Dawn had it covered – she brought an outstanding audio system that industry experts had been specially made just for her (I should have known) and already had over 600 tunes loaded ready to be played. Frank Sinatra set the mood.

As if on a magic carpet we simply glided over the uneven surfaces of the Auckland city streets – her shoes have been specially made to effortlessly handle such terrains. We took in such sights as the Sky Tower and Museum and toured areas like Parnell and Ponsonby, drawing movie star adoration gazes as we went.

With the city tour covered; I grabbed a fish and chip supper with a sneaky glass of bubbles (L&P) and headed west for the beach; Muriwai Beach in fact – I wanted her to see some of the beautiful countryside NZ has to offer and also get her alone, away from the crowds. We changed the music to the Bee Gee’s and danced through twists and turns of rural NZ. Although she is quite big-boned, she’s nimble too – some of the tighter corners gave me more concern than apparently I should have, she took them all in her stride and tripped the light fantastic.

We stopped at the cliff top and looked out to sea. The day had been amazing and even the weather had behaved. Watching the sun go down, the chill returned to the air. I watched as she pulled the scarf back over her shoulders and we snuggled in together.

We watched the sun drop down over the horizon along the wake of the ‘angels’ wings and as if on cue the ‘Spirit of Ecstasy’ slipped silently back into her home beneath Dawn’s coat.

My date from Dawn to Dusk with this British Supermodel had been everything I’d hoped it would be. It had been an amazing day that had filled me with admiration of Dawn. It was incredible to be with such a beautifully poised aristocrat that has such a sunny disposition. She’s graceful and elegant but also knows how to let her hair down.

Is it too soon to ask for a second date? Thankfully I managed to get the date on film (in case my friends didn’t believe me). Thanks for the opportunity Rolls-Royce New Zealand

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