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The exponent, you would have no doubt heard the term before. The maths terms I’m referring to not the legendary Kiwi bad. If school is a distant memory for you, allow me to refresh you. An exponent is the amount of times a number is multiplied by itself.

What does all this have to do with the Porsche Taycan you might wonder, everything! So I’ll start off by talking about the Golf GTI ironically. It is all things to all people. It’s quick, practical, looks good, handles well, offers decent efficiency and is relatively affordable. The Porsche Taycan is like this in some ways but with everything exponentially boosted as you will soon see.

The silhouette of the Porsche Taycan Turbo
What a silhouette!

Let’s start off with the exterior. The Taycan might be a futuristic physics defying EV but it is still a car and a practical one at that. It has four doors with four seats, it has a carnivorous rear boot and a front trunk or frunk. It doesn’t sit too low either so you can still use it on your daily commute. That’s about where it ends though because just look at that body, the way the lines arch and swoop. It may be a sedan but it’s unlike anything I have ever seen before. The door handles come out to greet you and once open, the doors project a Porsche puddle light. Speaking of the lights, you get Porsche’s signature LED headlamps and that retro inspired LED light strip at the rear.

At this point I would usually rant on about the noise that the car makes but this is an EV so there is nothing to talk about, or is there?! The Taycan has a feature which when enabled makes it produce a futuristic whine type sound. Almost like the kind that the Transformers make when they are transforming, it’s a sci-fi treat. Being a Porsche, this noise is still quite loud so be careful of scaring bystanders who might think aliens have arrived.

The interior of the Porsche Taycan
Porsche quality at its finest

Porsche are as German as they come, a fact that is reinforced by this cabin. Trust me, you don’t know what build quality is until you step into a Porsche. Everything feels so well made and fitted together in this Taycan, it feels like it will last forever just like the Transformers saga! At this price (just shy of $300k), everything has to be soft and so it is. The plastics feel nice to touch, there’s leather on basically everything. The seats feel reassuring to sit in and the steering wheel is brilliant to hold. Storage spaces are aplenty both in the front and the rear. Speaking of the rear, you can easily seat two back here and room is more than enough despite the sloping roof. It is only a four seater because of that central tunnel. Since the car is so low, the batteries are a little closer to you when compared with the SUV alternatives, a small price to pay for that incredible performance.

The rear of the Porsche Taycan Turbo
That light bar is retro style redefined

The Taycan was a car that had so much hype around it, there was no way it could fail. Porsche simply wouldn’t recover from it but fear not because they blew everything else out of the water. The Taycan itself is pretty spectacular but strap a turbo (badge) onto it and it becomes even better.

The Taycan is driven by a 93kWhr battery with two motors, one at the front and one at the rear. It is four wheel drive as well and the system makes the best use of the flat floor which contains all the batteries. Unlike most other EVs, the Taycan is a purpose built performance machine. It is a Porsche after all. So Porsche in fact that there is 500kW of power on tap when you hit that overboost button, a figure that roughly translates to 670 horsepower. That’s stellar in a petrol car but in an electric one, it’s even more impressive. To put that into context, the Taycan will hit 100 in 3 seconds flat. However, that isn’t so earth shattering. What really surprised you is the way it goes from 0-150 without taking a breather, electric cars don’t have gears of course so there is no need for a break in the acceleration. And the best thing about the Taycan? It can do that sprint over and over again!

Side profile of the Porsche Taycan
What a machine!

The Verdict

The Porsche Taycan then is an exceptional machine, it stands out in every field. It looks great, is fast, practical, well-built and good for the planet. It is the perfect car, enough said.

The Porsche Taycan gets a 5/5

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