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Xpression of Power – 2024 MG4 XPOWER Review

Make no mistake, the MG4 is one of the best value EVs out there. So those of us in the specialist motoring press took a keen interest when MG announced the ultimate version of the MG4 would touching down on New Zealand shores. Called the MG4 XPOWER, it’s the most powerful MG4 there is right now and promises to bring a new level of Xcitement to an immensely capable all-rounder.

Underpinned by the MG4’s Modular Scalable Platform or MSP, the MG4 XPOWER utilizes an all-new dual electric motor set up from its 64kWh battery pack. The front motor produces 150kW while the rear sends out 170kW, do the math and the MG4 XPOWER produces a combined 320kW of electric grunt and 600Nm of torque.

Put this power to pavement and the XPOWER sports some rather Xplosive acceleration with a zero to 100km/h time of 3.8 seconds, whichever way you look at it, that is certainly not hanging around. AC and DC fast charging is also Xccessible for the XPOWER. If one uses the fastest 150kW DC fast charger, you will have 80 per cent charge from 10 per cent in less than 30 minutes. Range is quoted up to 400km according to WTLP stats.

The XPOWER has also received various upgrades underneath over the standard MG4. This includes a new locking electric differential as part of the new Dynamic Cornering Control system and torque vectoring between all four wheels is monitored by an Intelligent Motor Control set up.

These are designed to ensure that power is Xploited evenly in the corners and the absolute maximum levels of grip are X in all manner of driving conditions. There are also stiffer anti roll bars, recalibrated spring rates and suspension 25 per cent stiffer over the regular MG4.

From a styling point of view, the XPOWER’s sportier cues are subtle but one can still spot the tell-tale signs of a car with Xact intentions on performance. You get blacked out accents, orange brake calipers covers housed on larger 345mm disc brakes, 18-inch 5-spoke alloys with Bridgestone Turanza tyres, an active grill system which regulates airflow to maximize battery range and a number of scoops and ducts. The $1000 optional Hunter Green paint scheme is also unique to the XPOWER and looks even better in person.

Inside the XPOWER Xhibits plenty of MG4 cabin familiarity. Also like the regular car, you also need to simply get in and select drive to wake the XPOWER up. The seats are supportive and feel rather plush, plus you still get the same level of interior space as the regular car, ie plenty. Unique to the XPOWER, you get sports pedals and PU leather and alcantara heated seats with orange stitching.

The kit list is very generous including a swish 10.25-inch touch screen with Android Auto/Apple CarPlay, a 360-degree reversing camera, a 7-inch digital instrument cluster, wireless charging, and MG Pilot safety suite with 14 on board safety features including rear cross traffic alert, door opening warning, blind spot detection and active emergency braking.

You have 363L of boot space but with the second row stored away this swells to an Xtensive 1165L. Basically, your creature great or small will have no qualms about getting comfy in here with room to spare.

Now for the main event, does the MG4 XPOWER feel as fast as it seems on paper? Well, in terms of performance, the XPOWER certainly Xceeded initial Xpectations. Nothing is a better showcase of this than its launch control system. It’s really straight forward. Select Sport mode and firmly press the brake with your left foot while pressing down hard on the go-pedal with your right. Release the footbrake and, way hey, we have lift off, almost literally.

In typical EV instant torque fashion, you are left pinned back in those leather/alcantara seats and remain there until you give you right foot a break from its duties on that go-pedal. This is no Xaggeration, the XPOWER is seriously quick, while also being just as user friendly and docile when you dial it back for some daily driving.

However, those tweaks underneath do make it feel a tad sharper than the normal car, pushing the XPOWER hard in the corners left me feeling a tad underwhelmed, but let me Xplain. Its not a bad handler by any stretch, but it doesn’t feel like its enjoying being thrashed in the twisty stuff. That aside, when you are slicing through traffic on a motorway long haul or sauntering around the urban jungle, the XPOWER is a hoot. Plus, if you want to “track” your XPOWER, you can make use of the MG Track App.

You can tailor your levels of regenerative braking to suit your preference and the gulf between each level is decent. For those really keen on stopping power, you can stamp on the brakes to bring the XPOWER to a dead stop in 33.9 metres. Or you can activate “one-pedal-drive” which gives you the same stopping power as if you applied the brakes yourself.

The MG4 is already a darn fine car in every respect and the $69,990 MG4 XPOWER really is the ultimate Xpression of the formula. Those with a penchant for serious poke in a practical package at a competitive price will find the XPOWER one hell of a great Xample.

Oh, and for those keeping score, there were 13 “X” puns in total.


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