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Nissan has just unveiled two new Japan only GT-Rs. Enter the GT-R Premium Edition T-Spec and the GT-R Track Edition Engineered by Nismo T-Spec. Both of which will go on sale next month.

Nissan GT-R Premium Edition T-Spec
The Premium Edition T-Spec

The two T-Spec limited editions feature a string of exclusive performance upgrades. These include carbon ceramic brakes, carbon fibre rear spoiler, exclusive engine cover and T-Spec badging. Production is limited to 100 units only and buyers will be picked by lot! It’s probably the most expensive version of pick a name out the hat.

Engine on the Nissan GT-R T-Spec
The engine itself is no different to the regular car, just the cover.

Two new colours have been introduced as part of the limited edition package. Midnight Purple and Millennium Jade have been resurrected from the Nissan vault. Both are colours that have featured on previous GT-R models. The Midnight Purple shade is inspired by the colour shifting of the Aurora Borealis while Millennium Jade is meant to exude sophistication.

Midnight Purple Nissan GT-R T-Spec
Notice the colour shifting shade of Midnight Purple on the Track Edition T-Spec

The T-Spec name comes from the words ‘trend’ and ‘traction say Nissan. Words that they believe represents the company’s philosophy of leading and shaping times. The GT-R has always been ahead of its time and credit for that goes to the immense grip it can generate.

Interior of the GT-R T-Spec Premium Edition
Interior of the Premium Edition GT-R T-Spec

The Premium Edition T-Spec model gets a special interior along with forged Rays bronze alloy wheels. New suspension also takes advantage of the expanded wheel rims. The Track Edition T-Spec on the other hand features more drastic weight saving with a carbon fibre trunk lid and roof.

Watch the full unveiling below:

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Words by Matthew D’Souza, pictures courtesy of Nissan Media Global.

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