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Take a Trip Back in Time with this Mitsubishi

One can easily spend hours on end browsing through websites like TradeMe where people list all sorts of cool and quirky items. In essence, it is online window shopping but you get to pass through a lot more shops and don’t have to worry about the parking. Aucklanders will find that last statement almost too relatable.

There is a lot of generic stuff to be found on these websites but every now and then, something interesting pops up. Something like this Mitsubishi Diamante time machine.

To be more specific, the car in the picture is a 1997 Mitsubishi Diamante. It has a 3 litre V6 so that means you have enough power to get up to 88 miles per hour, that figure should still be achievable even after all these years. The car has done 250,000 kilometres over the last 20 years so it has seen some changing times. The world certainly seems like a different place to when the car first went on sale and the car industry has gone through a major shift of its own as well.

The fact that this car is a 90s Mitsubishi means it will run forever and that is certainly one area where it trumps the iconic DeLorean.

The Diamante time machine is a head turner but it’s all for a good cause.

It was modified to look like the iconic time machine for a charity rally. The theme of which was movie cars. If you’re wondering about the usability of this car then you would be surprised to know that it is road worthy and can be driven anywhere you like. Though, you will have to be mindful of that antenna on the back.

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Words by Matthew Dsouza, photos sourced from TradeMe.

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