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Nintendo and TAG Heuer collaborate on two Mario Kart limited edition watches

If you grew up playing video games, chances are you owned one (or more) of the tens of millions of Mario Kart copies that Nintendo sold over the years, making it one of their biggest franchises. I know I certainly did.

During this journey, the Japanese company collaborated with various other brands to bring their characters to the real world and allow fans and admirers to showcase their love while making both companies some serious cash. And the latest addition to this list is a collaboration with Swiss watchmaker TAG Heuer where customers will have access to two limited edition models of their famous F1: a Chronograph and a Tourbillon.

The Tourbillon is a watch complication introduced in the 1700s by legendary watchmaker Breguet to improve accuracy, specifically for pocket watches. Modern automatic watch technology no longer requires tourbillons to maintain acceptable accuracy, but watch enthusiasts still appreciate having one for the impressive engineering involved in making one and the mesmerising visual effect it brings. TAG Heuer will be making 250 examples of the Mario Kart Tourbillon Chronograph. The watch has a grade 5 titanium case that measures 45mm, and carries an oscillating tourbillon at the 6 o’clock position that has Mario driving a kart, a Bullet Bill, and a blue Koopa shell. The bezel displays the Mario Kart emblem at the 1 o’clock position.

On the exhibition window on the back, you can see an exposed mechanism, and the rotor has the silhouettes of Luigi, Mario, and Princess Peach driving their karts. TAG Heuer etches the Mario Kart logo into the sapphire crystal, puts Mario’s M mark on the crown and then charges you US $25,600 for the watch. And I really want one.

The “regular” Formula 1 Chronograph will be easier to get, at a limited run of 3,000 units. In a 44mm steel case, it has Mario appearing on the second sub-dial for the seconds which sits at the 9 o’clock position. The date window includes some of the game’s famous items like the star, the mushroom, the blue shell, and the dreaded banana peel.

The caseback is closed and shows Mario on his kart and the game’s logo, but you still get the Mario M on the crown. For this model, you would be set back US $4,300.

Both watches come on a black strap with red stitching and Koopa shell motifs, with M marking on the buckle. The Chronograph has this piece in steel, while the Tourbillon gets upgraded to titanium. This Limited Edition collaboration goes on sale tomorrow, October 20th.

TAG Heuer accepted early access registrations but, if you’re only seeing this now, you might have to wait the next race. If you want to ride the Bullet Bill and make sure you get a head start for the next time it’s available, then you can sign up for updates on their website.

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