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Boxy Brilliance – Suzuki Jimny 5-door Review

There are some cars that orbit your perception consistently, sometimes for no apparent reason, and the Jimmy has always been one of those for me. I had never been inside, let alone driven one, but I would still look twice and think “Hm, what about these?”, every time one drove past (most of these times […]

Another Great Walk, another Great Drive – Nissan Qashqai

In my quest to check every single NZ Great Walk off the list, I recently did a take two for the Whanganui Journey. Why take two, you ask? Last time I was there, a fallen tree cut our trip short after we hit it and broke our canoe, putting a six month break to our […]

Amplified, indeed – Kia EV9

There is no denying that the past few years were key in the “maturing” of the offerings in the electric vehicle landscape. We saw the introduction of new models, new technologies and even entire new brands. But the majority of that was in car shapes that are the hottest right now – think of crossover/SUVs […]

Ariya-sistible – Nissan ARIYA review

Nissan is a brand that will constantly come up when the topic is EVs – or is it just me? The influence of the Leaf here cannot be understated, so of course it is expected that the industry would pay attention when Nissan unveiled their next EV project, the Ariya. Just recently I had it […]

Dynamic Duel – The new BMW M2, feat. the OG M2

Just in case you managed to avoid me talking about this, I’m a happy owner of a first gen BMW M2. It’s an awesome car and I won’t shut up about it, and will definitely use that in my favour if it means a bit more seat time when  its new gen has just been […]

Leafing the way – the Nissan Leaf is the OG EV

It’s hard to think of EVs without mentioning the Nissan Leaf. It was many people’s first experience with Zero Emission motoring, mine included: the very same month I moved to a place where charging overnight was not an issue, I landed myself a Gen 2 (enthusiast-specific naming that still refers to the first shape cars), […]

Comfort takes charge – Citroën ë-C4

Citroën is a brand I have a soft spot for – their willingness to try ideas out of the beaten path is something I appreciate very much. Over the years, it led to some memorable models and a legion of fans. My ride for the last week sported the French logo with the two chevrons, […]

A Star is Born – Opel Astra GSe

If you’ve been reading my pieces for some time, you might have seen me defending PHEVs in a few occasions, saying I think they are an excellent step towards electrification for those that want to make do with one car or just can’t be bothered with the charging infrastructure woes (an ever growing group, mind […]

Charged up and ready for business – Peugeot e-Expert

There’s something to be said about a good work vehicle. They often get little attention, see heaps of hard work and have to deal with a substantial amount of abuse. So, as a very enthusiastic van evaluator, you get to accompany me as I try out the e-Expert, another offering from Peugeot in that segment […]