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Early next week, Alpine will unveil an all new “show sportscar” with a bit of a twist. Called the A290_B (B for beta), the new show car will preface a fully electric sportscar to be unveiled in 2024.

A teaser of the upcoming Alpine A290_B show car
It’s the start of a new era for Alpine

Covers will come off the new show car on the 9th of May and will “foreshadow” the first vehicle in Alpine’s “Dream Garage” project.

A290_B also follows Alpine’s naming convention of an A followed by three digits. The first of which refers to the size of the car while the “90” is used for the brands multi-purpose sports vehicles or “life-style” as Alpine calls them. For comparison, pure sportscars have “10” in that place. “_B” or beta refers to test versions, a reference taken from the software world.

Last year, Alpine Alpenglow set a new direction for the brand

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Words by Matthew D’Souza, pictures courtesy of Alpine Cars Media.

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